Welcome to M3 Guitar Version 3.0!

This site describes how to play a 6-string guitar tuned in major thirds. It is intended as a multi-media equivalent of an instructional book on harmony, scales, and technique. Some advice on equipment is included as well. The material is for educational purposes and everything is entirely free, with no adds or banners of any kind, and I intend to keep it that way.

The version history of m3guitar.com is as follows.

In order to get a quick idea about what this site has to offer, use the sitemap. There are 1000+ examples available, all with audio and tabs. The main focus is currently on 12-tone rows which are related to intervallic playing. It is an exotic but exciting topic that gets very little exposure elsewhere. The old versions, as well as a sitemap and an About page that contains the change log, are available in the menu at the top of the page. There is also a link to my personal website, M3 Roadworx.

M3 Guitar 3.0 is divided into three main sections, as indicated by the menu on the left.

It is my hope that through this site I can convey the elegant logic and the beautiful symmetry that the M3 produces, and perhaps, just perhaps, persuade you to start using the major third tuning yourself. Enjoy your visit!

Ole Kirkeby, August 2013, updated June 2018