Duets, Introduction

The duets use the same selection of tunes as the Solo Arrangements. However, since there are a lot of things you can do with two guitars that you can't do with one I have made an effort to make the duets significantly more sophisticated than the corresponding solo arrangements. On a few I have stuck to tried-and-trusted approaches, for example on Turnaround where the accompaniment uses the 3rd and b7th of the dominant chords, and on Girl From Ipanima where the accompaniment uses the classic major 6-9 chords in the distinctive bossa nova rythm. In any case, I hope the techniques I have applied will stimulate your imagination and give you an idea about the many possibilities. When you listen to the examples, there are three things in particular I would like you to pay attention to.

The duets are notated in tablature only. There is generally a lead part, M3-1, which carries the main theme and the melody, and an accompaniment, M3-2. It is occasionally necessary to use the fingers on the right hand to pluck several notes simultaneously. Keep the pick between your thumb and 1st finger, and use your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finger to pluck the higher strings. You never have to let go of the pick, and in most cases you should be able to replace the right hand plucking with a brush of the pick if necessary.

Last but not least, playing a duet is fun! You get an element of interaction that is not there when you play a solo arrangement. So enjoy yourself when you are performing with your virtual partner!