There are 20 examples, and the selection of tunes is the same as in the section on Solo Arrangements. In order to play several notes simultaneously you occasionally have to pluck the strings with the fingers on your fingers on your right hand but if you prefer to use a pick only you can get away with doing a brush instead in most cases. The Duets are far more ambitious than the Solo Arrangements. The sound files are rendered from Guitar Pro 6, including the click from the metronome, and converted to mp3 format (stereo, 192kb/s). As a general rule, the first track, M3-1 is the lead and it is positioned in the left channel, and the the second track, M3-2, is the accompaniment and it is positioned in the right channel. The tablature is available in the source format gpx from Guitar Pro 6, as well as in the two graphical formats png and pdf. Only tablature is included, there is no traditonal notation or clock notation. If the time signature is not 4/4, or the feel is triplet rather than straight, it is indicated in red in the table in order to draw your attention to it.

Title Composer/Artist BPM Time Feel Duration Audio Tablature
1. Birdland Weather Report 140 4/4 Straight 1:29 mp3 png pdf gp6
2. Cantaloupe Island Herbie Hancock 125 4/4 Straight 0:56 mp3 png pdf gp6
3. Donna Lee Charlie Parker 180 4/4 Straight 0:41 mp3 png pdf gp6
4. Every Breath You Take The Police 116 4/4 Straight 1:12 mp3 png pdf gp6
5. Girl From Ipanima Jobim 125 4/4 Straight 1:26 mp3 png pdf gp6
6. Groovy Kind Of Love Phil Collins 88 4/4 Straight 0:46 mp3 png pdf gp6
7. Johnny And Mary Robert Palmer 132 4/4 Straight 0:50 mp3 png pdf gp6
8. Josephine Chris Rea 100 4/4 Straight 1:09 mp3 png pdf gp6
9. Joy Spring Clifford Brown 135 4/4 Triplet 8th 1:04 mp3 png pdf gp6
10. Just The Way You Are Billy Joel 120 4/4 Straight 2:38 mp3 png pdf gp6
11. Let's Wait A While Janet Jackson 100 4/4 Straight 1:14 mp3 png pdf gp6
12. Morning Dance Spyro Gyra 94 4/4 Straight 0:56 mp3 png pdf gp6
13. Norwegian Wood The Beatles 170 3/4 Straight 0:39 mp3 png pdf gp6
14. So What Miles Davis 160 4/4 Straight 0:49 mp3 png pdf gp6
15. S.O.S. ABBA 110 4/4 Straight 1:25 mp3 png pdf gp6
16. Ted's Blues Ole Kirkeby 155 4/4 Triplet 8th 0:40 mp3 png pdf gp6
17. The Chicken Jaco Pastorius 100 4/4 Straight 0:50 mp3 png pdf gp6
18. Turnaround Ornette Coleman 110 4/4 Triplet 8th 0:55 mp3 png pdf gp6
19. Violet Seal 100 4/4 Straight 1:22 mp3 png pdf gp6
20. West Coast Blues Wes Montgomery 128 3/4 Triplet 8th 0:57 mp3 png pdf gp6